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As a Borussia Dortmund partner, L'Oréal had a close relationship with Mats and us. Therefore, it made sense to prolong the partnership beyond the BVB context in 2022.

MH x Loreal


Our part at this point: negotiations, contract coordination and, at the same time, creative coordination for the first big shoot. This can be time-critical when, as in this case, the shooting date is getting closer and closer but the contracts are not ready. But it worked out in the end and the result was impressive: various commercials for an international Men Expert campaign were created in a large Cologne studio, with two stars from France and the UK taking part alongside Mats.


As the partnership progressed, the focus shifted to the topic of "Movember". November has long since acquired a special significance, as the Movember Foundation has been setting an example for men's health worldwide since 2003. This month, the focus is on the importance of early detection of prostate and testicular cancer. Together with Mats, L'Oréal Men Expert decided to launch an awareness campaign with the slogan "The best defense strategy is prevention". In addition to a campaign film with Borussia Dortmund players, the partnership included further social media activations with Mats alone, which we were able to accompany extensively.

Behind the Scenes

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