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By Nahni

BY NAHNI is the result of years of work by Nahni Franke as a nutritionist for top athletes. Nahni has always been enthusiastic about what you can achieve and change with healthy, delicious food. From day one, Nahni left the catering industry and entered the world of nutritional advice with an unbridled passion for making her athletes better - giving them the keys to optimal nutrition. One of these keys are the Foodballs, which Nahni has developed together with her athletes over the years in a continuous optimization process. And across all sports: for example with track and field athlete Gina Lückenkemper, footballers Mats Hummels, Robin Gosens, Sascha Mockenhaupt and Hauke Wahl or racing driver Sophia Flörsch.

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Nahni now supports 20 competitive athletes as a nutritionist and has 12 different Foodball varieties on offer. As an agency, we support the development and distribution of the online business and the placement of athletes for nutritional advice.


The Foodballs are perfect as a healthy snack between meals, as a booster before exercise, during a break or as a source of energy afterwards. And not just for athletes, but also for amateur athletes and those with a sweet tooth who want to eat healthily without compromising on taste. But By Nahni is much more than just healthy eating and food balls. By Nahni is a lifestyle. The next level that EVERYONE can get out of their body.


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